Kittens come with their first three immunizations and a limited health Baby Boy and Charlieguarantee. They leave for their new homes after receiving their immunizations, usually around 14 weeks of age. And all cats/kittens are registered with the CFA.

We reserve the right to determine where or if our kittens will be placed with an individual buyer. Kittens go to approved homes only.

All cats and kittens are sold with a contract that specifies whether they are being sold as a pet, a breeding cat, or a potential show cat. The contract is legally enforceable and is taken very seriously. It guarantees the health of the kitten or cat for a specific period, spells out clearly that pets must be altered by six months, never declawed, never let outside the house, and requires that a healthy cat be returned to us if a person cannot keep the cat. A cat or kitten born in our cattery always has a home at Pundit.

If a person gives up their kitten or cat after 60 days there are no refunds. The buyer must accept financial responsibility for return of the cat.

Please ask yourself if you are you ready for the responsibility of a cat. Do you have any doubts? You must realize that you are making a long-term commitment; cats live from fifteen to twenty years. You have to be prepared to care for the cat for its entire life. Even when things change in your life, be it deciding whether to live with another, relocate to another city or country, or having children, you must be willing to make the necessary adjustments to ensure your pet continues to have the kind of life it Tiger and Socarequires. Your cat will count on you to provide a safe environment indoors, stimulation and exercise through play, good-quality food, a clean litterbox and regular veterinary care.

We have produced grand champions, regional winners, and a national winner. We enjoy exhibiting but not at the expense of the cat's health or well-being. We can provide show cats for others to exhibit and show as neutered cat in Premiership classes. We will also sell "potential show kittens" to known exhibitors and breeders occasionally. We say "potential" show kittens because no one can honestly guarantee a kitten's or a cat's show career. There may be other kittens or cats at the show that are so outstanding that competition will be hard. There will be times when a cat's temperament or health is affected and their behavior at the show indicates they do not like the experience. There are also times you may have a kitten that is a complete show-off and learns that dancing for, and kissing the judge, does somehow count!

Please look over this document if you are interested in a cat/kitten from Pundit Cattery.

Pundit Cattery Contract (.doc)