Forever Homes

We require a detailed, signed contract before placing a cat/kitten. This contract specifies expectations and obligations including the requirements that any kittens must be neutered or spayed by the age of 6 months, never declawed, and never permitted outdoors without supervision.

We reserve the right to determine the conditions under which a kitten will be placed with an individual client. Kittens/Cats will go to approved homes only.

We also reserve the right to repossess the kitten or cat if the owner of record can no longer keep the kitten or cat. They may not be placed in other homes, or with other breeders without written permission from us or litigation will occur. They can never be placed in a shelter or abandoned under penalty of law.

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My Special Place!
Dorie's boys Eru and Rudy
Simon and Cecil at home Eru has a new pal
Suchard and mother Elf in new home
Suchard loves Mom! Elf is a thoughtful boy
Lynx Point Simon and family
Too comfortable We three are a cozy bunch
Dragonfly and Charlie Boy with his toy
Dragonfly loves his new home What's up there?
Alpha Charlie Zigger, Jagger, Sally and Pumpkin
This dishwasher is mine! Maybe he's not a cat, but....
Circle cats Baby Boy and Alpha Charlie
Comfy cozy I thought I was King here!
Tiger and Soca Arabica
Life is good! Arabica in her new home
Voodoo Son
Voodoo's first day in new home Son in new home